Welcome to our conference!

The UKCF team cannot wait to welcome our members, sector partners and international colleagues to our conference in Manchester this October.

Thanks to Covid-19, it’s been far too long since we have been able to get together, to hear from inspirational speakers and share ideas that will drive change in our communities.

During the pandemic, we’ve worked brilliantly together to meet the pressing current needs of local communities, supporting the grassroots groups that have done so much to distribute essential supplies, combat loneliness and keep people connected. We’ve reached new communities, implemented more agile ways of grant making and confirmed our role as convenors and connectors within our places. Now we want to take the time to look much further ahead so that we are ready to meet the needs of communities in the future.

Over three days we will think about what the future will look like for our communities into the 2030s and beyond, from a range of perspectives. We’ll consider future economies, housing, the climate crisis, mental health and wellbeing, and much more. We will explore the role of philanthropy in making our places better for the long term. We want our delegates to be inspired to act now to shape the future. We look forward to seeing you there.

– Rosemary Macdonald
CEO, UK Community Foundations


Welcome to Manchester!

This is the Place

We’re looking forward to joining together with colleagues from community foundations from all over the UK and beyond at the historic and beautiful Kimpton Clocktower Hotel in downtown Manchester for the 2022 UKCF Conference, Foundations for the Future: acting now to shape tomorrow.

And what better place to host such an inspirational gathering?

Whether you were born here, drawn here or just came up to party one Saturday night and never left…. this is the Place.

This is Manchester…..the original, modern city; the city that split the atom; the birthplace of the industrial revolution, the first programmable computer, of microfilm and microphotography, steamboats, the Mackintosh,  and vegetarianism, home to 25 Nobel prizewinners, Vimto, Kier Hardy, Emmeline Pankhurst, David Lloyd George, L.S. Lowry, Anthony Burgess, 10cc, the Stone Roses, the Smiths, the Hacienda, Anthony H Wilson, Ben Kingsley, Nobby Stiles and of course Forever Manchester, the Community Foundation for Greater Manchester.

With a line up of inspirational speakers and engaging workshops this conference provides us with the opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas and start to formulate a shared vision for the future of our unique organisations.

There’ll be a formal meal and local entertainment at the Kimpton to round off our first day and an opportunity to wear your bucket hats and break out your glo sticks on the evening of day 2 for a night to remember at the Gas Works Brew Bar, built in the shadow of Friedrich Engels’ statue on First Street on the site of the old Gaythorn Gas Works. A poignant symbol of regeneration and vison.

This is our place. This is our time. This is our future.

Nick Massey
CEO, Forever Manchester