Kimpton Clocktower Hotel
Oxford Street
Manchester, M60 7AH

With its Victorian architecture and fresh approach to hospitality, Kimpton Clocktower Hotel is the perfect expression of its setting: Manchester, a city where tradition and modernity meet and where artisanship reigns supreme. Housed in a magnificent terracotta Grade II–listed building, Kimpton Clocktower has a history that dates back to 1890, when the building first opened as The Refuge Assurance Company headquarters. Today, it’s a destination where glamour and luxury meets one-of-a-kind craftsmanship—and where there are new things to discover at every turn.


The Gasworks Brewbar,
5 Jack Rosenthal Street,

Manchester, M15 4RA

Built on the site of the old Gaythorn Gas Works, The Gas Works Brew Bar is a new concept from the team behind The Dockyard pubs. With an industrial heritage, they have a rustic feel with a modern twist.

Their crown jewel is the in-house brewery. Sitting on full display for all to see will be crafting an ever-increasing range of their own beers to be served direct from tank to tap.