Foundations for the future: acting now to shape tomorrow

Over three days delegates and speakers from the UK and around the world will explore the challenges facing our communities and how local philanthropy can drive and support change both now and in the future.

Day 1 - Understanding the scale of change facing communities over the coming decades and our role in supporting them to respond and thrive.

We’ll look at the changes that will occur in communities in the next 10-15 years including:

  • the role of community foundations in tackling climate change.
  • the challenges of digital and AI, and how we can retain real community connection in an increasingly divided society
  • the future of charity governance and the role of finance in enabling our mission
  • the implications of long-term giving trends on the community foundation business model

Confirmed speakers include: Carola Carrazzone and Beth Breeze

Day 2: Thinking differently, imagining the art of the possible and learning from different approaches.

A day of inspiration and insight!

  • Thinking like a venture capitalist,
  • Adopting Future thinking – why long-term thinking should be at the heart of everything we do
  • Becoming a generational funder – how can we use our collective endowment to make a difference?

Community Insight – using both data and lived experience to understand our communities

Confirmed speakers – Tom Bloxham, Immy Kaur, Tim Gutteridge

Day 3: Taking things forward: together we can make transformative change to support our current communities and those of the future.

Our final day will be a collective experience, asking ourselves what leaders of the future look like, and what the next steps are for community foundations. There will be a rousing keynote from Andy Burnham challenging us to be the change that we want to see.

Confirmed speakers: Andy Burnham, Sufina Ahmed



Throughout the conference we will have dedicated spaces for Unconference sessions – opportunities to continue discussions with colleagues after workshops, and to encourage peer learning across the network.