• Welcome

    Fabian French

    CEO, UK Community Foundations

    On behalf of everyone at UK Community Foundations, I am delighted to welcome you to our 2019 Conference. It’s great that we will be gathering in Glasgow – a fine and historic city but one with its own considerable poverty and social challenges. What better place to reflect on the vital work of Community Foundations around the UK?

    And, as the concept of place-based funding is receiving so much attention across our sector, what better time to review the challenges and opportunities we face as a network.

    I know that this year’s conference will have something for everyone in terms both of information and inspiration. We are lucky to have distinguished speakers and workshop leaders from around the international Community Foundation family. Please use these three days to be bold and creative, engaging with colleagues from the network and beyond to design our role as community leaders.

    At a time when the political establishment is crumbling and local services are seeing declining funding, the role of Community Foundations is more important than it has ever been. This conference offers us all the opportunity to guide and steer how we respond to this new environment.

    Finally please don’t forget to enjoy Scotland’s legendary hospitality and warmth. Have fun, make new friends and celebrate all the things that make Community Foundations so special.


    Giles Ruck

    CEO, Foundation Scotland

    Join colleagues at what promises to be an inspiring, engaging and fun gathering in the heart of Glasgow.

    Your conference kicks off with a Big Conversation to share insights together and set the tone for the rest of the event.

    Be inspired by speakers from home and away as we look at what lies ahead for Community Foundations, and how through it all we remain committed to the places we serve.

    Join workshops that spark your interest, including philanthropy, grant-making and community leadership. And come along to one of 23 project visits across a wealth of topics – from storytelling to soul food – with time to exchange experiences and ideas.

    Bring your best dancing shoes for a ceilidh on the opening night, alongside a street food dinner in the infamous Arches. Night two will see fine dining in the Glasgow Science Centre, with a surprise or two in store.

    You’ll be looked after throughout at Glasgow Caledonian University, with close transport links to the city centre and lots of decent accommodation nearby.

    If you havnae a scooby what else to do on the 9-11 September then gaun yerself, join us with your patter for a swally and a blether –  we’d hate to leave you greetin back hame!

  • Murals by RogueOne. Photos courtesy of RogueOne and Glasgow City Council from their Mural Trail initiative. See Supporters page for more details.