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    Rathbones is a leading provider of investment management services, managing £47.5 billion1 of funds for individuals, families, charities and not-for profit organisations. We manage £5.8 billion1 of charity assets for over 1,900 charities. While no two charities are the same, we understand that many trustees face similar challenges in meeting their fiduciary duties, while acting in the broader interests of the causes they support. The Rathbone family was active in improving social welfare during the nineteenth century and we have since supported trustees, individuals and families in their philanthropic activities, through advice on strategy and structuring. We have a dedicated award-winning charity team of 22 members, over half of whom are charity trustees in their own right, underlining their personal and professional commitment to the sector.

    1. As at 5 April 2019 – includes funds managed by Rathbone Unit Trust Management

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    With M&G, you’re free to choose how you access our award-winning investment expertise. Free to choose from our products created specifically for charities, Charifund and Charibond, or to invest across a wide range of our other most popular funds. We have been managing the investment of charitable funds for almost 60 years and now look after more than £1.5** billion for over 10,000 charities, large and small – making us one of the most experienced and accomplished managers of these funds in the UK. We would be delighted to discuss which of our solutions best suits your long-term investment goals.

    **as at 31.05.19.

    The value of investments, and the income from them, will fluctuate, which will cause fund prices to fall as well as rise and a charity may not get back the original amount it invested.

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    At Ruffer, we have a distinctive approach to investing which we believe is well suited to the needs and goals of community foundations and their trustees. We focus on deliver ‘all weather’ investment returns and protecting and growing the value of our clients’ assets throughout the market cycle. Instead of following benchmarks, we aim not to lose money in any single year and to deliver a return significantly greater than the risk free alternative of cash on deposit. By aiming to avoid the cyclical gyrations of the market, we aspire to provide a less volatile experience for our charity clients.

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    The Glasgow Murals

    Glasgow has a fantastic array of street murals. These impressive creations decorate blank end walls and vacant buildings and help to transform otherwise less attractive corners of the city into striking public art works which benefit the communities in which they are located, eg the header image by RogueOne entitled ‘The Magic Forest’ in Broomhall which brought with it a place for children to play.

    We are indebted to Glasgow City Council and RogueOne for the use of the photographs which appear on this site, some of which are part of the City Centre Mural Trail initiative undertaken by Glasgow City Council.